Vanilla Bean Order Form

Hi - We ship vanilla beans anywhere in Israel.
They are grade B (extract grade) Madagascar Vanilla, perfect for making extract.

How to make vanilla extract:

6 vanilla beans
1 bottle vodka (I recommend Keglevich, though any reasonably good vodka will do - bad vodka could make the vanilla taste "off")
Split vanilla beans down the middle with a knife. Put into the bottle of vodka. Cap tightly, and place in a cool, dark place. Leave for 4 to 6 weeks, shaking the bottle occasionally. You may need to run the finished product through a coffee filter or other sieve in order to make it free of small vanilla pieces.

Pickup is possible at my house in Modiin (Emek Hahula - right next to the mall) or at Cisco Jerusalem (formerly NDS). Otherwise, we will mail your vanilla to you.

You will be billed only *after* I contact you regarding shipment.

note - you do not need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal. Any credit card (Israeli or Int'l) will work.

To order, just fill out the form:


Jonathan Cohen said...

Is shipping free, or does the payment process add a shipping fee?

Leah Goodman said...

The listed price includes shipping. There is a small discount for people who pick up from me. (22 instead of 24 for six vanilla beans)