Sunday, January 21, 2007

Feeling Groovy

Well, maybe not groovy, but we're feeling better.

Both Yaakov and I are still a little wiped out from our battles with various virii, but we seem to be doing better. Half of Yaakov's company is down with similar issues, so no one was particularly upset by his missing a week and a half...The particular bug that got him seems to be very strong. Thank G-d, I didn't get the fevers he got.

Thank you so much to those of you who offered help and support while we were sick. A special thanks to both the Epsteins and the Hess family for offering grocery help. We really appreciated the offer.

I'll write more at some later point. Just didn't want to leave our audience in suspense.


Ezzie said...

Hess? From LA?

triLcat said...


Yes, Jeremy Hess & his wife Tiffany, formerly of LA, now of Modiin. (They're currently living one building over from me.)

I had actually noticed a picture of Jeremy on your blog, and had been meaning to ask about that.


Ezzie said...

JEREMYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Tiffany!!!! I miss those two :(

Please, tell them I say hi, and that I love them. They're awesome.