Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Cute Doggie!

I don't blog about Poofy very often, but last night, he was so sweet that he merits an entry on my blog... For those who are curious, he also has his own blog called Give a Dog a Blog.

Anyway, lately, I've been sleeping on our (new) couch a lot, because it has a layer of down which makes it softer than the bed. It also has a back to lean against.

Apparently, last night Poofy was unhappy with this arrangement. As soon as I settled down on the couch, he came over to me and stood next to me in an impatient stance. After a few minutes, I got up. He walked back towards the bedroom, stopping to make sure I was following him. As soon as I got into the bed, he curled up next to me. I think he really wanted me to sleep in the bedroom with Yaakov.

It was amazing watching how clearly he communicated when he can't SAY anything.

Oh... by popular demand, here's a current picture so y'all can see how big I'm getting.Leah Pregnant, 5 weeks to go


RaggedyMom said...

Hey - I have the same skirt!

And although pets are a world that I don't understand very well, enjoy yours!

triLcat said...

how can you tell? It's a Motherhood skirt, though, so it's not completely inexplicable that you have the same one. It's the only piece of maternity outerwear that I bought on my trip to the USA. Since I was there in the winter, I figured almost everything else would be useless.

RaggedyMom said...

Those seams in the front are unmistakable. I got it just a few months ago. The denim skirt I had for my previous 2 pregnancies had a weird front-slit and a much narrower waist band.

I've been wearing this one almost every day except when I'm washing it!