Sunday, March 09, 2008

Catching Up Memes

Ten Things I Don't Get

  1. Why it's seriously hot in the middle of March. I'm wearing a t-shirt and sweating bullets
  2. How to do Mill's Mess
  3. Why Kinneret is all smiley one day and then can't stop crying the next.
  4. Pain - it just doesn't make any sense to me. Trust me, I know that I bashed my head against the wall, even if it doesn't hurt.
  5. Why anyone would claim that skirts are more modest than pants!
  6. Why some people can't just be nice and they have to try to burst my bubble when I'm happy.
  7. Why I can't make cream of celery soup that tastes as good as the canned stuff.
  8. What motivates a person to shoot a bunch of teenagers having dinner.
  9. What motivates a person to send a missile into a civilian area that poses no threat.
  10. Why the international press chooses to claim that missile launchers are victims, while those who try to destroy them are attackers?

Ten Things You'll Never Hear Me Say

  1. Rami Kleinstein can't play piano.
  2. Yaakov is so superficial.
  3. This is too big a steak for me.
  4. Could you please move to a talk-radio station?
  5. I'd love to go for a jog. And after that, maybe you'll let me wash your floor.
  6. I've gotta get out of the country for Yom Haatzmaut.
  7. Shlomo Artzi is playing Tzavta? And you have an extra ticket? No thanks, I'm not a big fan.
  8. I'm glad they stopped Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It wasn't a good show anyway.
  9. I loved college. It was a great social scene.
  10. I'm not a big fan of desserts.


RaggedyMom said...

Great lists. My brain was fuzzy when I read this so the second list was challenging - I had to keep remembering to reverse everything to get at the real meaning.


Have a good week.

jaime said...

I am such a sweetooth. Trying to hold back is just near impossible.