Saturday, January 03, 2009

Our Last Shabbat with One Baby?

Shabbat was pretty quiet. Yaakov is not feeling very well. He's running a fever. Kinneret has a bit of a cough, but she's acting like her normal cute & rambunctious self. Her newest joy is in taking a plastic spoon or fork and a cup and "feeding" everyone - me, Yaakov, Poofy, her toy bear, her doll Shlomit. It's very cute, and we had many a good feeding over Shabbat.

I had some contractions today, and they're getting stronger now, but they're still not regular or terribly painful, so I guess I have some time left before anything happens.

I'll keep you posted if I go to the hospital, and I've added my sister as an author to this blog.

Shavua Tov,


DrSavta said...

Have a fast and easy labor. PLEASE!

Ben-Yehudah said...


Raq besoroth tovoth!

Mrs. S. said...

B'shaah tovah. May everything go well for you.

Shavua tov and besurot tovot.

Leora said...

B'shaa tova. Look forward to good news.

childrenmentioned said...

B'shaa tovah. Here's to hoping for a fast and easy labor filled with deep, cleansing breaths and Double Whoppers. :)
Holler at us if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

THE ITALIANS say that the louder you scream the healthier the baby, So don't hold back, this is your best opportunity to tell the world "where it can go".
Maty and I hope that you have an easy labor

L.A. Dad