Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My New Earrings

About two months ago, a webmaster named Sarah randomly contacted me and asked me if I'd like to try a pair of earrings from her site, Lushae Jewelry and write a review of them. Never one to turn down something free, I said sure. So she let me pick a pair of earrings and sent them to me, and here it is... my turn to tell you how I like them.

First, a word about me and jewelry. I like shiny things, but I rarely wear much jewelry. I wear my wedding and engagement rings and I wear the necklace that Yaakov gave me at our wedding. Other than that, I rarely put on a pair of earrings. Even on Shabbat, I don't always quite manage. The other thing is that my jewelry breaks down into two categories; real gold and real cheap. I have quite a lot of stuff that you could pick up for under $10. I have a few nice pieces, including the above mentioned wedding/engagement jewelry and a few heirloom pieces from my grandmother. I have pretty much nothing in the middle.

So these earrings, gold-plated with a pearl, with a price tag of $65, are somewhat of a novelty for me. I have to say, I was expecting them to feel cheap, and they really don't. They feel nice.

They shipped quickly, in a beautiful box. The style is delicate and elegant enough that it looks like the real deal. People have complimented me on the earrings every time I've worn them.

Would I buy them for myself? I'm not sure. Would I be thrilled if my husband did? Absolutely!

P.S. They ship internationally, including to Israel!


Rona Michelson said...

I have seen you wearing them and I think they are beautiful!

Sarah said...

they ARE beautiful. how do I sign up for free things in exchange for a review?

Ira said...

Umm... You know I'm a very small expert on Judaism and its femininity oppression laws, but aren't the same rules that make you hide your hair forbid earrings and makeup? I'm confused...

LeahGG said...

Rona - Thanks, I really like them! :)

Sarah - I wish I knew. I've had the blog for years and this is the first time anyone's approached me with a freebie.

Ira - no, hair is a whole different category from makeup and jewelry.

Juni / Typette said...

Love these earings! Gorgeous :)