Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not Everything is on the Internet

Back in the summer of 1996, there was a virtual reality game that you could play at Dizengoff Center. You put on a helmet, held the handle of a 'gun' and hunted your opponent on a platform. I was dating a total geek back then, and the two of us couldn't get enough of it. We kept going back, paying the ten shekel apiece and playing the game, which ran about 5 minutes. The people at the stand got to know us, and they got to know that I used to beat Oren every single time.

So one day at the end of August, we went in, plunked down our cash, and put on the helmets. We played. There was no one watching except the guys manning the booth. There was no line for the game, and the guys manning the booth really wanted Oren to win. We played for 21 minutes. He eventually got one point up on me, and they killed the game.

I staggered out, and we never played again. Today it occurred to me to wonder if that game is still available anywhere, because maybe we could have an online rematch... There's no mention of the game anywhere online, so I can't even find out what it's called. All I know is that it was run on a toaster (Amiga), it ran at Dizengoff Center, and there was a bird who would pluck you off of the platform, but before the bird came, the game would warn you saying "Birdie Hungry....He's Coming."

There is one description of the game, but it doesn't include the name of the game, or where I might find another version of it today.

And W. Industries is listed as working with metals.

Not everything is on the internet.

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