Thursday, July 04, 2013

Return to Leah

Back in the late eighties, my brother worked at Six Flags Great Adventure for two summers. Since he was the only one around there who wore a 'beanie' (a kippa), when one of the workers found a 'Jewish book,' they gave it to my brother.

The 'Jewish book' was a siddur rinat yisrael (prayer book) with the name  (Leah) לאה imprinted on the front. Since we're talking about the eighties, polling the NY metropolitan area to find which Leah had lost a siddur wasn't really feasible. Instead, he gave it to his sister, Leah.

Over the years, I've kept the siddur, davened (prayed) from it. It was really special to me - I've felt connected to that unknown Leah who lost her siddur.

Recently, I've realized that it probably is possible to find the girl (woman) who lost that siddur, so I'm going to post a picture of the inscription, and ask that everyone please send every friend whose Hebrew name is Leah to this blog post.

I really want to return the siddur to its rightful owner.

thanks for helping!

Leah (triLcat) Goodman


mother in israel said...

Who signed the inscription? קלנרים?
or are the last two letters a first name?

mother in israel said...

Who signed the inscription? קלנרים?

Leah Goodman said...

Mother In Israel - The writing is quite unclear/faded and always was.
The reproduction here is as good as what I can see.
It looks like Kelnerim, but I can't be sure.

Sam Michelson said...

I think it's קטנרים as in 'the Kutner family from Israel.'

Tamiri said...

Kellner is not an unusual name here in Israel. I know a family with that name. I'll ask if they know anything about a Leah who was at Six Flags (gulp) over 2 decades ago....
BTW Sam, Kutner would be spelled with a vav as in קוטנר

Bat-el Miller said...

Did you ever manage to find the person who it belonged to?

Leah Goodman said...

Thank you for reminding me. It seems like it belongs to Leah Kelner (Maiden name) from Lakewood, but I was never able to return it to her.