Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tout le monde aime samedi soir?

It's been a busy weekend.
I went up to Nahariya with my parents, R&O & kids, and the whole congregation Kipodan.
It was nice although the car was squishy cuz we had 2 of R's kids with us, and I was too hot. It could be worse.

Before Shabbat, I went out to the beach, and lay out on the sand, getting my clothes and boots covered in sand, and I called Y and we talked for a while. Then I tried wading in the water, and G-d kindly reminded me about it being winter :).

So, feet freezing, I went back to the hotel. The "shul" at the hotel was very interesting, as the women had to walk through the men's section to get into the women's section, and there were neither chairs nor siddurim enough... The most interesting part was that there was a large picture of a whole bunch of men on the wall, though. I'm not into praying to men. It was quite odd overall.

The meals were a bit loud and crazy, as there were at least 3 groups in a single room, and the room wasn't really big enough for the number of people we had.

The nice thing was that I ended up with my own room, which I kept freezing cold because I left the terrace door open, and I heard the ocean all night.

on the other hand, I kept thinking that all kinds of sounds were Poofy, and I must have woken up at least 3-4 times to tell him to come to me, and he was, of course, many many miles away. I actually kinda missed him.

After Shabbat, we drove through rain and wet and dark of night.

Y called & we talked for a while. I think that my whole theory where I wasn't going to fall for him, & I was going to analyze and make a rational decision... it's a really nice theory.
I'm falling for him.
& I think he's falling for me.

none of which means anything. except that I want it to.

I hate this whole dating thing. it's too complicated. I shouldn't be up at 3:22am contemplating this. but I am. which means I've lost my head. again.

If anyone finds it, please return it to me... please...

night night.

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