Thursday, December 29, 2005

And I think to myself... What a Wonderful World!

Yaakov (yes, he has a name) & I went to see the Narnia movie last night. It isn't as good as This Version, in that it's too modernized for my taste. I mean, for goodness sakes, the witch has dreadlocks?! Harumph!

Still, it was fun, and it's always nice to be with Yaakov.

I feel like we're getting closer, which is really nice :)

He's very different from the previous men that I've met, and that's a good thing, because most of them were very far from what would be good for me.

I'm nervous about this, but it's a good kind of nervous.

I better get some work done, b/c I'm in the office being useless (which seems to be my current state in the office, as I seem to be daydreaming too much lately...)


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