Monday, January 02, 2006

Snips and .... and puppy dog tails.

Yaakov bought me a snail!!!!

Actually it's a fuzzy pillow that's sort of snail-shaped.

But it's cute & it made me happy!

He also bought me a big fuzzy blanket, which is nice. It means that even though I can't cuddle him, I can hug and be wrapped in something that he gave me - which is not nearly as good, but still much much better than nothing.

I haven't written since Thursday, so there's a lot to catch up on...
First, I didn't write much about Wednesday, but my mom did, here. Not only did she write about it. She also posted pictures.

So that was Wednesday. Thursday, I thought that I wasn't going to see Yaakov, but his juggler friend brought him out to Modiin, & hung out with us for a while.

Friday was Hadas's bat mitzva! I can't believe it. I took PSATs the day before she was born. That was approximately 3 months ago ;) Really. About two months ago, she took her first steps, and a few weeks ago, she learned how to talk. And somewhere in there, she learned how to rollerblade, to read in Hebrew and English, to build websites, to do algebra, play chess, play bridge. Somehow that chubby-faced child who I remember smiling and running to me when I came to pick her up from nursery school lost her baby face, grew taller and thinner, and is already beginning to look like a teenager. She can cook meals for her family, read books written for adults, and take care of her baby sister, who reminds me so much of Hadas when I first met her.

Again, thanks to my mom for the PICTURES.

Yaakov started meeting my family. So far, everyone likes him, which isn't surprising, because he's great :)

In other news, work is going to be interesting today! Big mess, and our main site is down...

Gonna be fun...

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