Tuesday, January 31, 2006

8 Mondays before the big day.

Yesterday, I woke up with my neck swollen to approximately the size of North Dakota, but when I looked in the mirror, it looked normal. Strange how mirrors lie that way.

So I went to the dr, and he said I have sinusitis. How that made my neck swell is beyond me, but he gave me antibiotics, so if I have strep or something, it should be on its way out too. He gave me roughly enough large pills to fill one of those ball pits that kids like to play in, and told me to take them.

So I took some pills, had some hot chocolate and chocolate cake (it's not fair that the dr's office is next door to a bakery).

Then I went home and slept until some people walked into my house. They were short people, and they took the four-footed person outside, so that was nice, especially since I told my brother-in-law to tell my niece she could have the day off. She apparently came straight from the school bus... so there she was. It was actually a really nice thing not to have to go out again...

So I got back into the best place for healing... my bed - and my mom called. We have a hall reserved for the date we want!

Around 4, I woke up with serious munchies, so I got some foodies and then I went online to see what's happening in computer-land... Scott was online, and he convinced me that I should (sometime) go to Jerusalem Jugglers. Well, no time like the present, right?

So I called Yaakov and asked him if he wanted me to come, and he said yeah, and I printed out a map and got on a bus and went there. Got a little stuck, b/c the venue is on the street where Ehud Olmert lives, and he's pretending to be prime minister right now, so whenever he needs to blow his nose, the street shuts down for security reasons.

There weren't a lot of people there. Just a few kids and a security guard, and, of course Yaakov. The kids were pretty cool. They're really good jugglers. There was a kid who was maybe 14 doing clubs, and I was in awe (okay, also a little jealous). Yaakov and I did some passing, and he started working with me on clubs, and after I got hit in the face enough times, he started teaching me to balance a club on my nose. I'm not so good at that either.

It was fun being there, and it was nice seeing Yaakov even if we are both sick still. I hate saying goodbye to him at the end of the evening. At least I know that it's temporary. In just two months, we'll be staying together at the end of the evening. Just two months. I'm so lucky!



Scott Seltzer said...

What's with the need for a security guard at juggling club? Sometimes it's just him guarding me (I get there before most and stay beyond the end). It's kinda awkward.

triLcat said...

nono Scott. he's guarding the school FROM you!