Monday, January 09, 2006

Lemony Fresh UGH!

I don't like the smell of furniture polish!
If any of you were pondering what to get me for some event or other, furniture polish wouldn't be it.

I find having my office cleaned somewhat akin to having dental work done, only without the dentist's pleasant banter.

My mom bought me three new shirts and a skirt. The skirt is really nice, simple, but nice, and two of the shirts are great. The third shirt will have to go back :(. It's too low cut to wear on its own, and I tried it with three different shirts under it and it continued to look funny, so I gave up.

Here are my deep thoughts for the day... to most people these will seem pretty trivial, but for anyone who has really dealt with depression, it bears repeating until you internalize it:

1. Depression is not a natural or permanent state.
2. Happiness does not need a proximal cause. (this is a corollary of #1).

Spent yesterday evening with Yaakov. Tonight is his juggling night and tomorrow is my course, so I will be seeing him Wednesday. Seems like a long time, but maybe tonight I'll get to sleep early, and that would be a good thing. Who knows, if I go to sleep early enough, I might even get to the POOL tomorrow, which would be absolutely awesome.

new cool blog to read: Typette. She's a half-Japanese chick who just seems very cool.

all de best,


The Typette said...

Hey Trilcat - thanks for the comment and shout out---
I actually LOVE the smell of cleaning supplies such as furniture polish and the like. Spent the night in NYC yesterday and the subways smelt like an outhouse - it was refreshing to smell a little bit of pinesol on my way out when they clean the subways at 1am LOL

Cher said...


Love those deep thoughts today! Those are great and very simple....but profound.