Monday, January 16, 2006

Juggler blog.

I just discovered that our shadchan has started a blog. It's called "I'd Rather be Juggling."
Very cute.

The rumor is that he quit his job to be a full-time juggler. That's pretty awesome. He's a pretty awesome juggler. Plus, who knows, so far his shadchan skills seem to be pretty good :).

Yaakov looked a bit more alive this morning, but he must have fallen back asleep because he's not answering his phone now.

Oh well, I hope he's okay. His fever was lower this morning. I'm pretty sure he has a virus, so there's not much point to him going to a doctor. It just needs sleep, heat, the usual. I suspect he just got a harder hit of what I had last week.

I guess we'll know next week if I'm out for the count...



Scott Seltzer said...

That shadchan's blog is cool. Thanks for introducing me to it.

triLcat said...

pfft. :) Jugglers are cool in general.