Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Editing Test Weirdness

I got an email from my friend, saying that I didn't pass her company's editing test.
I think that's really strange. The only thing I can guess is that there were some strange conventions that they followed through the entire piece, and since they were valid by some standard, I let them remain there. Either that or they expected more fact-checking. I don't know. It's very odd to me.

Anyway, that job really would have taken up too much of my time, so it's probably just as well.

(That isn't sour grapes, really. I was pondering whether or not I had the time and energy for it, and basically came to the conclusion that they'd have to offer me a mind-boggling amount of money for it to be worthwhile.)

The truth is, it's much more important for me to be writing, so I should probably get to that right now and stop pondering some annoying editing test.

t.c. Goodman

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