Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's a Frazzle Razzle Day!

It's a Frazzle Razzle Day!

Well, the song is nicer - The song is called "It's a Brazzle Dazzle Day" and it's from Pete's Dragon - which is, by the way, a total must-see movie.

Anyway, it's been a frazzling day.

First, I have this huge aggravation with my bank & an insurance company...
If you're not interested in this story, scroll to the end of the green.

Four or five months ago, I cashed out an insurance policy that wasn't doing anything. I sent in a whole boatload of forms, and they said they had everything except the processing fee. I asked if the processing fee could be taken from the cash in the policy, and the secretary (or whoever) said that she'd check and get back to me. She didn't get back to me, so I assumed it was fine. Then, after about 6 weeks, they sent me a letter that I needed to pay the processing fee. So I sent them a check. Then they sent the check to the bank. On the day it expired.

The bank refused to honor the check. In fact, they bounced it and charged me 13 shekels ($3) . Fine. I asked them to send it back to the original issuer. They refused. I asked them to mail it to me. They refused. I asked them to send the check to the branch here in Modiin (for a variety of complex reasons, my bank account is located in the branch near where I went to college, not near where I live.) Okay. They can do that. It'll be there the next day.

Next day, I go in, get to the front of the line, realize I don't have my ID, go home, wait in line another 25 minutes, and they tell me "we don't have it."

Fine. I go back two days later. They still don't have it. They call my branch. The person from my branch says "I sent it to Modiin. It's there."

Yaakov and I go to Ireland. When we come back, I go to the bank AGAIN. They STILL don't have it (now 2 months later).

They tell me "call this number, and they'll take care of it for you, but the person who can take care of it is on vacation until next week."

Okay. Another week. I call the insurance company and ask them to reissue the check. Sure, no problem, just get the bank to fax us a letter saying that they couldn't cash the first one. Oh, and do it next week, because the company that we work with is on vacation this week!

Okay. It's Sunday. I call the number. No - we can't do that, only your branch can do that, and they're not open on Sundays.

Can you say AUGH?!

Next annoyance of the day. For reasons inexplicable even to myself, I let my New York Driver's License expire completely so it's not renewable, and never got an Israeli license. So now I need to get an Israeli license as if I've never driven before. (Which, in and of itself, is frazzling, but my bad, my problem.) So I go to the office where you're supposed to go to start the process and, after I wait in line 15 minutes, they tell me that that specific part of the office has moved - about 5 blocks away. Fortunately, my mom was with me - a real blessing, since I have no sense of direction. I literally don't know the difference between right and left without giving it serious thought - and I've spent time trying to teach myself.
So another five blocks, plus another 20 minutes in line, and I take the eye test, get my picture taken, and now for just US$600 (to pay for 28 lessons), I can get myself a license... well.. of course, I need the written test, the driving test, and a physical, but ok...

Next, my mom drops me at home so I can get ready to go to the gym. I decide I really want to swim. So I get all my swim gear ready, except I can't find my goggles. Yaakov cleaned the house on Friday, and I really appreciate it, but I have no idea where he put my goggles!!!!!! Okay. no swimming. I'll go walk on the treadmill. All is well. Unpack, repack with different stuff. Ready to go. My parents pick me up, and I get to the gym, and I've forgotten my earphones. The ONE reason I go walking EVER instead of swimming (and walking is better for me, I know) is because I can watch tv/listen to music. I'm dying for a Swimp3, so I won't be so bored underwater. Anyway, my dad made some remark about how I should go walking without headphones to punish myself, and instead of just ignoring it (because it doesn't fit with any reality I can relate to) I let myself get angry. I hate that he can say something like that - and if it came from anyone else, I could just shake it off like nothing - and it can set me off. And of course, he's now angry that I got angry. GRRR...

And after all that, my blender broke. Let's see if I can find the warranty slip for it. I know where I *should* have put it. Let's see if it's still there.

So... I think I'm going to watch some tv and escape the universe for a while. Here's wishing all my readers a brazzle dazzle day (as opposed to a day like mine...)



drsavta said...

Alexander had a day like that too... and it happens even in Australia.

luckluster said...

(semi off-topic) My dance partner tried teaching me front crawl swimming, but I don't think I do it good, as it tires me and I can't swim an entire 50m pool that way.

It does remind me how you told me Americans are first taught front crawl swimming, and only later they are taught breast stroke swimming... it seems a very wise idea.

swiMP3 sounds like a weird and funny idea. If 128m is enough selection of music, so you won't get tired of it, it might be useful for you.