Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Some Blogging Thoughts.

Do real bloggers use Memes?
Do real bloggers take silly tests that tell the world which muppet they'd date?
Do real bloggers talk about their day?

What's a real blogger?
Is LittleGreenFootballs the kind of blog I should aspire to? Should I spend hours sifting through news to find things to interest my readers?

Should I make this a juggling blog where I can tell the world about my trials and tribulations with three clubs?

Should I take it back to its original state, where it was a diary? I'm soooooo lost.

and would someone freaking order from my amazon site already!



luckluster said...

I'm not sure there's a definition for real blogger. But posting memes suck. I'm glad you're not doing that, because almost each time I recognize a meme, I skip it in disdain.

You shouldn't spend hours finding materials which may interest your readers. The blog is for your benefit.

Making a juggling blog might be interesting for you and other jugglers. So it'd a good thing if you keep it as a seperate blog.

But generally, I believe I'd enjoy reading your blog no matter what format you choose for it.

And about Amazon - sorry, I'm banning them for their 1-click order patent.

DrSavta said...

Tell us about your life... what you are thinking and tell us about the unique experiences you are having living in Israel at this time in history,

Ladyhawke_wings said...

Not sure there is a *should* TriL. But who says it has to be all of one or another. I say, post what you wish. Express yourself freely and whatever it is will give us another glimpse of the *you* we all love. :-)