Monday, April 23, 2007

Beautiful Music

My husband doesn't like Israeli music, but I do. For me, being Jewish is so intertwined with being an Israeli that I can't help but love the music. Two days each year, the radio stations play the most beautiful songs all day. The first is Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was last week. The second, which is today, is Yom Hazikaron. Yom Hazikaron is not Memorial Day - at least not in the American sense of the term. Yom Hazikaron is a full-fledged day of mourning.

Today, the radio plays sad songs, songs written to those who are no longer with us, songs written by those who are no longer with us. A few years ago, several Israeli artists began a project called "Soon We will Become a Song." The project takes poems written by soldiers who were killed in battle and sets them to music. The artists then perform them so that their poetry lives on, their song lives on.

In Israel, there is one more time when we hear beautiful music. We hear the beautiful music when there is a terror attack, when someone is killed. Someday, we won't have to hear such beautiful music. Someday, we won't have to hear the beautiful songs written by our best and brightest who are no longer with us.

Yehi Zichram Baruch.

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