Monday, August 13, 2007

The News

It's been slow going in the blogging arena. Kinneret keeps us on our toes, and there's loads to do. Kelli from Land of Milk and Honey has officially been adopted as my new little sister. She and her husband are here in Israel, comfortably moved into their new home in Modiin. My mom and I have been doing our best to help them get things organized.

It's hard work setting up a house. I've never done it from scratch myself, but I've come close. They literally had nothing, though - no oven, no microwave, no washer/dryer, fridge, nuttin'. So we helped Kelli get a whole mess of price quotes for appliances online. Then we took her to the appliance shop and got them to make us a package of all the nice appliances for about the cost of the quotes we'd collected.

Next, I've been helping them get their cable internet set up. It's not working yet :(

So that's been keeping me busy.

Last week, on Wednesday, my mom, Jeremy, Kelli, and I took Kinneret to a Modiin Miracles baseball game. Sadly the game was called in the bottom of the 7th inning because of darkness. I think the Bet Shemesh Blue Sox were up by 1 run, but the Miracles were going to win!!! (the games are only 7 innings, and the half inning was the Miracles at bat.)

The big news for this week is the Kinneret smiles! She's not doing it consistently or anything, but she does smile sometimes!

The other big news is that my mom is going to China. Despite the lack of interest from my blog-readers, the trip is going, and my mom is taking my 13-year-old niece. I couldn't be happier for her! (Actually, I would be happier for her if I were a bit less jealous. Come on, CHINA?! I want to go to China!!!! But really, I'm very happy for her, especially because she's going to sneak me into her luggage...)

Having kids really does cramp one's style. I wish we could just go someplace exotic and fun, but Kinneret is too young to travel... oh well. Maybe next year.



Rona Michelson said...

How about a romantic trip to the beach on the Mediterranean at sunset....

frumhouse said...

Your baby is so delicious, kh!!! I would love to see China too. Lucky mom! Sounds like you have been keeping busy. Nice to have this update!

Anonymous said...

Awsome shirt! where can I get one for Lavi?:)