Monday, November 19, 2007

Eight Times Eight is Sixty-Four

Since Friday, a migraine has been playing pingpong in my head... I spent last night in the ER so I could have a CT scan. All is well on that front. It seems annoying to have spent 7 hours in the ER so they could write me a prescription for aspirin... but...anyway...

Frumhouse tagged me on an 8 things meme... here goes.

8 passions in my life:
  1. Yaakov
  2. Kinneret
  3. My family of origin
  4. Writing
  5. Ice Cream
  6. Music (listening & singing)
  7. Sleep
  8. Flossing
8 things to do before I die:
  1. Be a loving wife
  2. Be a great mom
  3. Be a wonderful grandmother
  4. Be a Great-grandmother
  5. Publish a novel
  6. Take a skydiving course
  7. Improve my self-image
  8. Achieve complete relaxation
8 things I often say:
  1. Yaakov, can you get the baby?
  2. Princess!
  3. Fuzzy Wuzzy Animal, please don't bark!
  4. I love you (Pumpkin, Princess, Poofster)
  5. We need a car.
  6. I'm tired.
  7. Are you a Hungry Hungry Hippo?
  8. Please don't touch my baby, she's sleeping!
Eight Books I read recently
  1. The Memory Keeper's Daughter - Kim Edwards
  2. Fool Me Once - Fern Michaels
  3. The Book of Ruth - Jane Hamilton
  4. The New Method Preparation for Driving Theory Test
  5. Small Island - Andrea Levy
  6. Dropped From Heaven - Sophie Judah
  7. Siddur Rinat Yisrael
  8. Does the Ikea Catalog count as a book?
8 songs that mean something to me:
  1. HaYalda Hachi Yafah Bagan - Hakeves Hashisha Asar
  2. V'Ulai
  3. Naara Ushma Kinneret
  4. Kan Beiti El Mul Golan
  5. Baby Mine - Bette Midler
  6. Mi Bon Siach - Dveykus
  7. Im Yivaled Li Yeled - Yoni Rechter
  8. White Flag - Dido
8 Qualities I look for in a friend:
  1. Smart
  2. (Mostly) mentally stable
  3. Good Sense of Humor
  4. Self-aware
  5. Kind
  6. Good Heart
  7. Good Listener
8 people I am tagging

  1. Princee D'Tiara
  2. Raanana Ramblings
  3. RachInbar
  4. Kirby
  5. DrSavta
  6. Poofy
  7. Safranit
  8. Abbi - Who can post in the comments 'cuz she doesn't have her own blog.


Diana said...

I can't believe that Poofy and I are in the same category!

triLcat said...

You should be honored.

frumhouse said...

Great post! Hope your head is feeling better!

Abbi said...

I'm so honored too! I will post after I get the kids off to gan!

Abbi said...

Ok, here goes:

8 Passions:
1. Meir (my husband)
2. My children
3. My parents, extended family
4. Living in Israel
5. Reading
6. Cooking
7. Chocolate
8. Salty cheese/Yellow cheese toasts

8 Things to do before I die:
1. Marry a great guy
2. Give birth
3. Travel somewhere that's not American or Israel
4. Have a week off from childcare.
5. Hear Joni Mitchell live, but how she used to sound like in the 70's (I know, not possible, but it's a meme).
6. Keep the house organized for a week.
7. Go to my children's weddings.
8. Be with my daughters when they give birth.

8 Things I often say:
1. Meir, what's your schedule?
2. Meir, can you get up?
3. Meir, can you get up?!
4. You have to share.
5. No
6. Come on, we're late.
7. I love you, too.
8. You're my cutie petutie.

8 books I've read recently:
(I have to preface this by saying that even though I love reading, I have little patience for real books anymore. I satisfy my reading needs with the New Yorker every week. (I know, I'm spoiled))
1. Tender At the Bone Ruth Reichl (for the 20th time)
2. For the Love of a Good Woman Alice Munro
3. Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You Alice Munro
4. Open Secrets Alice Munro
5. Collected Stories Grace Paley
6. Mommy Myth Susan Douglas, Meredith Michaels (didn't finish)
7. Branded Alissa Quart
8. Nine Stories JD Salinger

8 Songs that mean something to me:

1. The Angels Want to Wear My Red Shoes Elvis Costello
2. Down to You Joni Mitchell
3. Hejira "
4. 49 Bye Byes Crosby Stills, Nash
5. This Flight Tonight Joni Mitchell
6. New Slang The Shins
7. How soon is now? The Smiths
8. The Only Living Boy In NY S&G

8 qualities I look for in a friend:
1. Sense of humor
2. Self awareness
3. Modest
4. Curious
5. Likes children
6. Likes to eat
7. Generous
8. Open minded

Rachel Inbar said...

Tagged, huh? I guess I'll have to skip the book section, unless recently means "any time in the past decade".

Hope the headache's better.

RaggedyMom said...

Abbi, I really like your list of songs!

Abbi said...

raggedy mom: It's funny you should say that.

I used to be a big music freak in high school and college. I had a huge tape, then cd collection, i used to tape songs off the radio, make mix tapes for my friends, they made for me.

All of this work culminated in a rather large wallet of cds, that represented pretty much all of my music taste, that I lost one of my trips back from Israel, soon after I moved here in 2000. I never replaced the cds, because I was already on my own and it seemed such a luxury to spend 20 dollars on a cd. (somehow, with allowance, it seemed more like a necessity)

Then I got married, had kids and started working and I never got back into music. Now I download (only music that I used to own.) to listen to stuff while i work on my computer. So, basically my music taste is frozen to where it was in 1999 or thereabouts!