Sunday, January 13, 2008

Could be Better

After a week of relative calm on the head front, today I was dizzy and headachey and had trouble focusing my eyes.

My EEG has been rescheduled for Sunday, next week. Just means more time until we can give a guess at what's going on. I'm quite frustrated, needless to say.

I have to wait two days to even find out when my MRI is.
I haven't called Rabbi Firrer yet. I just don't... I don't know what I'd even ask at this point.

Thanks everyone for the continuing good wishes.



SeeFood said...

could be worse - At least it's not snowing :-)

no news from any tests? Rabbi Firrer?

harmelin said...

It could be better for me as well. (Hah. snow is awful)

Lynda said...

Feel better soon. I'm sure the Rabbi would understand, whatever you tell him