Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ten Things NOT to Say to Your Wife During Pesach Cleaning

10. Watcha doin?
9. What's for dinner?
8. Why is there stuff on the bedroom floor?
7. We don't need to fix the washer this week.
6. Sure, I'll just make something to eat and take it into the other room and I'll be out of your way.
5. But I'm not in the mood for pizza.
4. But we ordered in/ate out last night too.
3. If you want, you can get a maid (when it's clearly too late to find one).
2. Why do you need to kasher the oven. I'm not going to be here during chol hamoed? (but wife is...)
and the number one thing not to say to your wife during Pesach cleaning.
1. Well, if you'd kept things cleaner, you wouldn't have this mess.


ladyhawke-wings said...

Um...I would think that the negative points value of #1 should be doubled if it's said on one's first anniversary. :-(

triLcat said...

Ladyhawke: To be fair, that was my sister, not my husband...