Monday, December 31, 2007

Heading 'em Off...

see edit at the bottom:

It appears that I will be checking into a hospital tomorrow morning.

I'm waiting to hear from my doctor to find out which hospital he recommends.

I'm guessing most likely Shaarei Tzedek, but not sure at this point.

If you want to be in touch, you can call my cell-phone. If you don't have the number, ask my mom over at drsavta. I will probably be offline until I get home :(

prayers are welcome - Leah Gavriela bat Raizel Chaya

edit: I am adding my sister and a friend to those authorized to blog, so if there's news, one of them will post. I also unmoderated comments (please no spam!) so ya'll can post comments while I'm away.



Safranit said...

f you want visitors, let me know....

RaggedyMom said...

Hatzlacha, and feel good. You'll be in my thoughts.

mother in israel said...

Refuah shlemah, I hope they figure this out very soon.

Ladyhawke said...

Severe headaches are rough. My mom had them for years. The *only* med that worked for her was Pamalor - which was technically and anti-depressant. But it got rid of the pain, and that's what mattered.

Maybe you can ask your neurologist about Pamalor? (Mom, would you pass along, please?)

Refuah Shlemah, my friend!