Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Might be Broke, but I Ain't Gonna Fix it

DrSavta can't upload pictures to her blog posts. I tried to update her WordPress to the latest version, and lost her entire blog.

Fortunately, her hosting service has complete backups. I rolled everything back to yesterday.

Net time: 2.5 hours.
People who were upset: 3
Net result: she still can't upload pictures.

Anyone know how to migrate WordPress to Blogger?


Ira said...

I'd offer my help, but if you are decided on moving out of the platform, I BEG you to go ANYWHERE BUY blogger. it's the most annoying interface to move around and reply to as a user, second only maybe to LiveJournal.

childrenmentioned said...

This will come as a surprise to no one, but I have an answer for you: Ask Rachel. :)

Leora said...

I usually find that if I am having a problem with a Wordpress upgrade, I forgot to add a file. And I always do a backup before doing a Wordpress upgrade. I have my own installation of Wordpress.

Are you using Wordpress.com? I just looked, and some code fixes for 2.5 were posted here.

Is it WP 2.5 that has the image upload problems? If so, it seems that 2.6 would fix it. Why you lost the whole blog, I don't know. Did you get an error message?

Leora said...

http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/wordpress-25-image-upload-error-wordpress-fix/ this might work; one commenter said it works, but only for Firefox.

triLcat said...

Ira, I LOVE blogger, but if you think you can help me upgrade WP, we'll talk

C.M.: Rachel uses blogger. She's never used wordpress.

Leora: Thanks. Oddly, the fix helps for Explorer but not FF. But at least there's a way to upload pictures!!!!

DrSavta said...

I actually didn't get upset. It wasn't until I started downloading google's cache of my posts that I realized how much I had written. And I appreciate your efforts.

Leora said...

Glad that fix worked.

Hope Ira can help you do an upgrade. Always a good idea to upgrade, for security reasons. Always do a backup before any upgrade.

Wordpress has very good instructions, plus if you do searches on Google, you can find people who have had the same issues as you (and how they fixed them).