Sunday, October 19, 2008

Open Letter to Anyone Who Wants to Help Me Lose Weight

Dear all you well-meaning souls,

1. I am in my seventh month at the moment. The large bulge in my abdomen might be related to the BABY who is currently residing there.

2. I own a mirror. More than one, actually. I can tell that I am overweight. Your pointing it out is not helpful. Rather, it is incredibly rude.

3. I have heard of the South Beach Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Pritikin Diet, the Popcorn Plus Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Zone Diet, and probably a few more that you've never heard of. Most of them are incredibly dangerous, especially during pregnancy.

4. The fact that a specific diet helped you lose those stubborn 3 ounces left over after your last pregnancy doesn't mean that it would actually help someone who has a real weight problem.

5. Talking about how fat you are when you can wear a size 4 is obnoxious. Shut up about the extra ounce of fat already! Complain to me when your doctor refuses to treat certain issues because they're "to be expected" at your weight.

6. I don't have to justify my weight to you. If you don't like how I look, then stay away from me. If I don't like how you talk to me, I certainly do my best to stay away from you. Perhaps I should suggest some courses on how to be tactful. I assure you that you need it more than I need to lose weight.



mother in israel said...

Oy. Thanks for the support.

Bethami said...

Second Oy. Nobody should ever call a pregnant woman on their weight gain - not fair at all.

RR said...

First of all, besha'ah tova! I'm sorry you've been subjected to those awful, out-of-line comments.

And I agree with every point you made. #5 is especially annoying. Nothing worse than listening to a stick figure complain that she's too fat. If I can count your ribs, you'd better shut up- after you eat a sandwich, that is!

Rachel Inbar said...

And you's ugly too (directed to the person giving the unwanted advice)

Sruli said...

You go, girl.