Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Being Helpful

Today, someone pointed out on the Modiin e-mail list that Terem, our emergency first aid center is open only 1pm to midnight. They asked what to do in an emergency at any other time of day. Since apparently, this is not a directly Modiin related issue, the moderators of the list rejected my answer.

Since I'd spent a while translating & researching, I'm going to post the information here. If you don't live in Israel, this will probably not help you.

The list included below is translated from: http://www.maccabi-health.co.il/site/HE/macabi.asp?pi=417&doc_id=854

Terem is an emergency medical care facility which charges around 70 shekels for a visit. In certain cases, you may be referred to Terem by a doctor, in which case the health fund (kuppa) will pay the 70 shekel deductible. In some cases, the Terem doctor may send you to the emergency room (ER).

If you have an emergency at a time that Terem is not open/available, you call your kuppa's moked (maccabi is *3555) and ask to speak to the nurse. If it is an ER situation, they will fax the ER a "hithayvut" and you will not have to pay for it.

If you go to the ER between 1am and 6am without a "hithayvut," you are charged 139 shekels
Between 6am and 1am, you are charged full price (566 shekels) if you don't have hithayvut or a referral from a doctor.

*There are a whole bunch of situations in which you don't have to pay for ER treatment:
1. a new broken bone
2. a serious dislocation of shoulder or elbow
3. a wound which requires stitches or similar "sealing"
4. inhalation of a foreign object
5. objects in the eye
6. Cancer patients
7. Hemophilia patients
8. CF patients
9. A pregnant woman in labor
10. Anyone who is brought in by ambulance from a public place
11. Babies under 2 months of age with a fever of 38.5 or higher
12. Dialasys patients
13. Rape victims
14. Victims of domestic violence
15. Terror victims


Rona Michelson said...

You know that no good deed goes unpunished. It is of course much more relevant to Modi'in to hear self-important people giving their half-baked opinions. G-d forbid you actually might help someone who has a medical crisis find the proper help.

Anonymous said...

That really is helpful. I'm actually going to bookmark it so I can find it later when I need it. And you probably just saved me from calling Rachel about a dozen times between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. :)

Miri said...

Maccabi also has Mokdim Lirefu'a Dechufa. It's like mini Emergency Rooms but without having to go to the hospital. It costs more than a regular checkup. (I think it was about 60 Shekels)

I assume that Klalit, Me'uchedet and Le'umit have Mokdim too. :)

Here's the list:


If the link doesn't work, take a look at the blue links on the right side of the website - it's the fifth from the top.


Commenter Abbi said...

We've been to our Maccabi moked for a few different issues already (a high fever in a baby Friday afternoon, blood tests for babies) and they've been very efficient and I felt the care was pretty good.

I once took my oldest to the emergency room with a high fever that turned out to be strep because I forgot about Terem ( she was 3 at the time). My dr. actually gave me a retroactive hitchayvut and the bill was taken care of.

If you have an emergency during dr. hours, you should call your dr. first. If they're in, and you explain the situation over the phone, you can usually pick up a hitchayvut on the way to the hospital if they feel you need to go.