Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Blog


I've started a new blog called Lazy Environmentalist.

The idea behind it is that we all want to save the environment, but most of us are too lazy to change our lives to do it. While we might not be willing to use cloth diapers and bike to work, there are things we can do here and now, without driving ourselves nuts, to use natural resources better and pollute less.

I figure that even the laziest among us can make small changes with minimal effort that can help. Sure, they only help a little, but if all of us lazies make little changes and help a little, we eventually get a cumulative effect. Think that if every citizen of the USA managed to use just one less plastic bag a week, that would be 15,659,277,244 per year. That's over 15 BILLION plastic bags.

It's pretty amazing how much you can achieve if everyone makes small changes. So think globally, act locally, and figure out how you can save your plastic bag each week, your liter of water, or whatever else needs to be saved in the environment.

Come on over to the Lazy Environmentalist blog and leave comments on quick, easy things that you can do to save the environment without driving yourself nuts.

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