Sunday, December 07, 2008

Secular Zionism

Warning: Contains Kol Isha (a woman singing solo)

What I like about this video is that it's clearly secular. The girls are wearing jeans, and one of them has a solo. The boys aren't wearing kippas, but listen to what they're singing about.

the words are over here:
על כפיו יביא

Here's a quick translation of the first verse:

In our narrow street
Lives one strange carpenter
He sits in his shack
And doesn't do anything

No one comes to buy
No one comes to visit

It is two years that he doesn't
Do carpentry

And he keeps one dream in his heart
To build a chair for Eliahu who shall come
He will bring it in his palms
To Eliyahu the Prophet

He sits waiting for him
For years, he's dreamed that he will merit him
He keeps his secret and he waits for him
When will the day come already?

Oh yeah, I have a point here... my point is that this country is built upon the ideals of being Jews and the upcoming (soon, we pray) redemption.

You don't have to wear a kippa or study gmara all day to believe in it.

Today's government seems to have forgotten that this is the Jewish homeland, which means, first and foremost, that it is a home for Judaism.

The city of Hebron has a Jewish history. Abraham bought the cave of the patriarchs. There was a continued Jewish presence in Hebron even after the 1929 massacre, until the British Mandatory Authority moved the remaining Jews out in 1936.

But Ehud Olmert's appeasement plan involves beating Jews to keep the Arabs happy.


DrSavta said...

Kol haKavod!

RaggedyMom said...

I love this song. It does have a habit of getting stuck in my head for days, though. Great video, and I really appreciated your message along with it.

Ira said...

Oh boy oh boy, where do I start.

A. I find the idea of a little girl singing being "Kol Isha" and thus a seductive and dangerous thing a most despicable concept. It's derogatory towards woman, it's sexualising little girls and, and... well, you know the rest.

B. you treat secular zionism as a special case, when, if I may remind you, most of the Zionist fore fathers came from a secular POV, with the very secular philosophical works about auto emancipation as their guiding ideals, not a religious notion of a heavenly command.

C. "this country is built upon the ideals of being Jews and the upcoming (soon, we pray) redemption." I don't understand why it's hard for you to accept or respect a secular Judaism, that respects traditions, but does not depend on a belief in a deity, afterlife, messianic endgame, or god-given rights to trample other people's human rights.

In fact, I'm pretty sure the Halacha has several rules about the treatment of הגר בשעריך, and saly the anarcho-terrorists of Kiryat Arba are not following those, not do they agree to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Israeli law, nor even the leadership of MOETZET YESHA.

Access to the holy land, including the Hebron holy places, has to be earned with peaceful conduct and trust. you cannot forget that Hebron is named after FRIEDSHIP in both Hebrew and Arabic. The friendship of Abrahamic religions with god. If you think the stones of the so-called holy places in this country are more important than respecting others' lives and the commandments of your own bible, then this is just the worship of stones, which is AVODA ZARA in my view.

D. If you stick to "historical rights" no good will rise out of this discussions, and more blood will be shed. at this point we can't even start arguing about land ownership rights in the Taboo anymore because sometimes you have to give up a little to save the rest and keep the peace.

I can't see the fight over two-three buildings in Hebron as justifiable on any level other than political aggression and war mongering. this is not the Jewish way of the Talmud and the Mishna, but a twisting of much older "laws" since rephrased and softened. going back to the old testament fundamentals is, well, fundamentalism, and this has no place in the 21st century.

I think the Jewish people, secular and religious, has LOST its rights to enter Hebron after the animalistic behavior we have been displaying there in the last 3-4 decades. beating up people, throwing stones, and since last weekend shooting the locals and burning their houses. This is the work of some sinister devils, not god.

Since you missed it on Friday night, you are welcome to see this TV article and tell me if you really think this is good Jewish behavior to you, or indeed Zionism:

(sadly, the video needs MS Explorer to run)

tv mhc said...

Thre is a beautiful english song with the same theme that i remember singing in high school.
I will listen to the video (when my kids are sleeping so i dont get them all aroudn me in two seconds)

Shelly said...

I remember this song from my childhood and it has always disturbed me. The image of the carpenter, sitting helpless and pitiable, waiting for Elijah. He's a carpenter! He should be making chairs for people to sit on and beds for people to sleep in! What is he doing sitting around all day and waiting for something he'll likely never see?

The idea of redemption/utopia/salvation is dangerous enough without exalting it to a goal in and of itself. (But that's another topic I don't really want to get into now.)

I find it much more noble to actually go out and do something for others rather than sitting idly by for eternity.