Friday, May 18, 2007

Home Stretch?

I've completed 33 weeks of this pregnancy. That means that my baby should weigh almost 4.5 lbs, and that in another week, the lungs should be fully developed. It means that my baby is packing on fat nicely. It means that the future of this baby looks very very good.

Unfortunately, it also means that I'm in the end phase. I'm in the phase where my body is completely unwieldy, where I have one t-shirt that fits me for sleeping in, where my whole tummy and everything else itches fiercely. I'm at the point that even if I weren't choking on the allergens in the air, my lungs are already too squished to breathe comfortably. My back is well beyond the point of being able to support my weight. I'm exhausted. I'm uncomfortable in every position. The palms of my hands and soles of my feet feel like they're on fire. My face sweats no matter what I do.

Oh, and I'm so hormonal I can barely even get out a simple sentence without breaking into tears.

I've gotta tell y'all... this pregnancy thing is not easy. And I still have 7 weeks until the due date, not to mention the fact that if I'm like my mom and sister, then I've got 9 weeks before they induce me to get this child out.

I'm starting to break down. I mean, I really feel like I'm beyond my limit. I know that this is nothing - I should be happy that this pregnancy is basically free of complications. The nausea is long-over, I don't have gestational diabetes, significant swelling, bleeding (or even spotting). This is about as easy as a pregnancy gets. So why am I not glowing? I just don't know... I don't even have half of the things that my pregnancy book warns me are totally normal and expected, not to mention the scary awful ones...

Do other women really go through this and then CHOOSE to have more children? And why did nobody tell me how difficult pregnancy really is? Would it have made a difference? Probably not, but... I wish I'd known what I was getting into. Then again, it might have made it all that much worse. I don't know... I'm so confused.

Everyone tells me that after the pregnancy is over, I'll forget how bad it is, and I'll be willing to go for it again. I hope so, I guess. I did plan on having more than one child, but the way I feel now, I just can't imagine going through another pregnancy...

Okay, enough whining for one day. I have other (semi-interesting) things to write, but no patience to write them... so Shabbat Shalom for now.



RaggedyMom said...

You sound like you're right on target - emotionally and physically! Hang in there, you're almost at the beginning of what this was all really about!

As for future babies - take it one at a time, enjoy this one - and you may not forget how you're feeling, but G-d willing, you'll be more than willing to do it all over again!

Shabbat Shalom! (or Shavua Tov!)

Safranit said...

You have one thing is hard...not everyone has "complications" but if you are uncomfortable that is a complication.

Treat yourself like a queen, give yourself permission to rest when you want, be with people when you want, and crawl into a corner when you want.

One of the positive parts of pregnancy is that nobody harasses you about your weight or behavior!

Take care of yourself (and make hubby take care of you!)

RR said...

"Everyone tells me that after the pregnancy is over, I'll forget how bad it is, and I'll be willing to go for it again."

I PROMISE you it's true!

Rest. Rest a lot and don't be afraid to ask people to help you with things (this will be good practice for after the baby's born!)

Have you tried sleeping in a semi-sitting position, propped up on lots of pillows?

mother in israel said...

JUst take it one day at a time--lift up your feet and grab a cold drink. Your body's working hard.

Don't even think about the next baby.

Anonymous said...

Listen to the sound advice of all of these women who commented. The end is hard. You do need to take it easy. There are all sorts of yoga type exercises that help get the body ready for birth. It really helps relax.

Believe me, you forget. And if you think the pregnancy part is hard....well let's just say we'll wait and see what the delivery is like. Not to be mean but I don't remember dwelling on the discomforts of pregnancy so much. I gave birth almost 1.5 years ago and since the memory of the labor is still semi fresh, I'm not ready for another. Hashem gives us the abliity to forget. Believe me, if we couldn't forget there is no way anyone would have more than one child. ;-) You should rest up as much as possible. Try sleeping with a pillow between your two legs and sleeping on your side. This helps you balance. May you have a quick end of the pregnancy and may you have an easy delivery.

Karen said...

Heh heh. Aside from the face sweating... your second paragraph sound just about the way I feel at almost 17 weeks pregnant with triplets. :) Gosh I'm looking forward to August! Oh, wait, no I'm not!!