Sunday, March 19, 2006

8 days a week...

8 days until the wedding. Really. A week from tomorrow, I am getting married. Un be lievable!

How's it going?
O moved most of her stuff out last night. Yaakov's stuff is coming in today, so that when his friend arrives this evening, there will be enough room at Yaakov's place to allow said friend to sleep on a bed rather than on the treadmill.

I spent last evening at a birthday party for my nephew (turned 7), followed by some serious furniture moving when I got home. The house is closer to what it should be, although there is plenty more to do.

Then, on my new bed (since my old one is currently lying on its side in the living room waiting for O's room to be clear), I tried to get a decent night's sleep. Sadly, it was a complete failure, both because I'm filled with moving-day jitters (although I'm not moving), and because I got a lovely head cold.

In addition, I keep wondering who I should have invited who I didn't, who didn't get invitations yet, what I should do about ... oh I'm sooo lost. Should I have invited this one? Will she be upset because I invited that one who's in the same category as she is? How about the other one? They're friends! ARGH! it's very confusing!

I discovered that someone got very hurt about not being invited so I ended up inviting the injured party despite not having intended to.

I wonder how many of those will surface after the wedding. I just don't know... it's all too much... I'm beginning to think that Yaakov's original idea of eloping was a better plan...

But then again, there's another fitting today. I get to wear that beautiful princess dress and I get to be the center of attention for a whole evening... It's gonna be cool.

Plus, last night at the birthday party, they sang for me. That was nice.

I just can't believe all this is really happening. I really hope this cold clears soon.


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