Sunday, March 05, 2006

Another Shabbat in Beitar Illit

I think I'm getting the hang of this thing. It's nicer now that I'm not just Yaakov's "friend" but his "Kalla."

People seem to think that Yaakov and I are a good match, which is always nice to hear. One of Yaakov's friends was very concerned about the whole zionism issue, because we fall out a little differently on the issue. On the other hand, we both left our comfortable lives in the old country to live here, so the biggest part of that issue is something we can agree on - we agree that Jews belong in the land of Israel. How we feel about the political entity of the State of Israel is another issue, and we'll probably manage well enough with that.

At any rate, I feel very positive about things, and I just hope I won't stress too much about the wedding...Thank G-d, I'm really not stressed about the marriage.



luckluster said...

Zionism issue? Dear lord, you're not saying he's a leftist, is he?

(Disclaimer: I am a leftist)

triLcat said...


G-d no! I wouldn't marry a LEFTIST!

To simplify radically, he believes that as long as this land is ruled by a secular government, it's not a Jewish country, and there's no reason to support the government or the political entity. (although he does pay his taxes with relatively little complaint.)