Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I got married!!!

Yaakov & I are married. Really! The wedding was incredible, and now, we're married.

There is so much to tell tht I hardly know where to begin.

The day of our wedding was a busy day, filled with last minute preparations, hair, makeup, the usual.

People came to the hall, and it was wonderful seeing all the people who really cared and came out to see us get married. I feel truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends.

My sister was at the bedekin and the chuppa, which was very very important to me. After that, she had to go back to the hospital to feed her baby, but the important thing is that I didn't have to get married without my sister.

The wedding was filled with juggling, fire-eating, great music, and great "Shtick."

Yaakov juggled for me, and my neices and nephews sang for us. Yaakov sang "Aishet Chayil" to me... The evening was filled with so many incredible little details that I can't describe them all. Over the next hours and days, I will be posting more pictures... For now, I can tell my loyal readers that we are very happy.

And pretty tired. This getting married business is stressful.

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Gavriel said...

Mazal Tov!! Sounds like you guys did it right. I remember how tired we were after our wedding, but that's good. You really put yourself into it.

It was a great wedding, and truly unique (at least to the experience of the non-juggling public). Congrats on your own fine juggling performance by the way.

Scott Seltzer said...

Just thought I'd add some links here to some of the news reporting of the event:


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Mazal Tov!!!