Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Matters of Taste

Last night, we had our tasting, which was very difficult for me, because I felt very overwhelmed. On the other hand, I was overall pretty pleased with the food, so all is well.

The wedding is still 26 days away, and I'm like....argh... I just want it to be now, so I can keep my Yaakov!

I didn't end up with a china pattern, b/c the set I wanted was inexpensive, so everyone who's going to chip in already did. (they already got me service for 12). It's pumpkin-soup colored orange...

I hope Yaakov likes it. If not... well, that'd stink some.

I found a cool bonus on this site. They give you $25 to play with, and you can use it like totally regular money. If you're good at backgammon, you can get real money without putting up any cash of your own... How cool is that?!

I personally think it's a stupid idear, but they basically just want people to play for money to encourage other people to play for money or something...

anyway, that's the news for today

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