Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mind the Jap

Today I woke up and had coffee and went to my Tai Chi class.
Then I stopped at the fruit stand for fruit and the mall for a yogurt drink.
Then I played on Twitter and blogs and Facebook for a few hours (ok, so that was actually working)
Then the maid came and cleaned the house.
I picked up my kids and took them out for chocolate milk.
Then my husband came home and took us out to dinner.
On the way home, we stopped and bought me two new hats.

I feel like such a JAP :)

Breakfast: Coffee + yogurt drink
snack: coffee
lunch: lentil soup, peach
snack: fireball, coffee,
dinner: hummus with meat, 2 pitas, salad, apple-water drink.
after: fireball


Rona Michelson said...

Your grandmother would be so proud!

Gila Rose said...

everyone deserves a jap day once in a while! glad you got one! (love the title!!)

Anonymous said...

I like the lunch.

It's cute that it's "hummus with meat" not "meat with hummus."

Sounds nicely balanced!

What are fireballs?

Leah Goodman said...

Dear Anonymous,
Please identify yourself in some manner even if just with a nickname.
Fireballs are hot cinnamon candy.