Monday, July 04, 2011


So I seem to lose my drive later in the day. I'm not quite sure why this is. Today, I did great in the morning, even turning down fresh bread and butter that looked amazing. Then, as I was making dinner, I gobbled down the meat/veggie/tomato sauce and then I ate a ton of pasta. I have to get the evenings under control again. On the exercise front, I had a breakfast with a group of Twitter friends and then I walked home, which took about 30 minutes at a reasonable pace, so I got a little bit of exercise. I'm really trying to convince myself to wake up at 5 to go walking in the mornings...
Here's the food:

Breakfast: coffee, muesli yogurt
snack: slim-fast bar, coffee
lunch: coffee, 2 peaches
snack: 3 apricots
dinner: a lot of pasta with meat & vegetable sauce (sauce had fresh tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, and lots of beef)

And as a bonus, here are my kids taking a bath in new bathing suits. (They don't usually take baths in bathing suits, but they wanted to put them on b/c they were new, so I let them wear them in the bath, and then I said... aha! finally I can take pictures of them in the bath!)


Chani said...

Great your back!!! I know loads of ppl have said this already, but if you're so hungry by supper time you'll over eat. why dont you eat a small portion for supper and then another small portion of what you made the next day for lunch then you wont be so hungry at supper time.

General Dogsbody said...

If you're eating only fruit and coffee for lunch, it's natural that you'll be ravenous by dinnertime. Sounds to me like you are starving yourself during the day, and overeating at night.

Also, about SlimFast, dieting when you are an adult and mother is totally different than dieting when you're a teen. You need more energy now, and have to eat a sensible and nutritious diet that will leave you satisfied. Slim Fast shakes will not do that, and you will get bored of them before long. It's a way of losing weight in the short term. It's not a way of life. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

If I had to wait until dinner to eat something substantial and really chew something I'd probably eat it all. Maybe I'd do better if I had the meal for lunch instead. The idea of two small portions and being able to enjoy more of the meal the next day sounds good though. If the two portions total what you "should" be eating for dinner and not more then you can have the second shake for an afternoon snack. If not maybe having some almonds and drinking a lot of water in the afternoon would help with your plan as it is now? Can you take a short walk with your kids after dinner? Anyway it is very impressive that you avoided the fresh bread with butter!