Tuesday, July 05, 2011


So I had this brilliant plan of getting up at 5am to go walking. Of course, at 3am, Ephraim soaked through his diaper and the whole bed had to be changed. So at 5am, I couldn't move at all. But I did exercise tonight. I walked for 40 minutes and then did my tai chi stretches. I'm listening to Outliers now, which I'm finding really interesting, and way fewer people get killed or beaten up than in Under the Dome, which is what I listened to previously... btw, if anyone local has a copy of Influence, I'm supposed to read that too. Turns out, it's not available in audio. I did a little better with the night time binge, but I have to improve further.

Breakfast: coffee, slim-fast chocolate
snack: slim fast bar (mint chocolate), coffee
lunch: 2 peaches
snack: 3 zucchinis with salt
dinner: 2.5 chicken breasts, 1/2 cup of rice

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