Sunday, February 26, 2006

Been Tagged :(

AbbaGav tagged me. Hey AbbaGav. It's ok. I tagged you back.. Just wait til you see what your cute little wifey gets today...

So here goes:

1: Black and White or Color; how do you prefer your movies?

Usually color.

2: What is the one single subject that bores you to near-death?

anything that I can't understand,

3: MP3s, CDs, Tapes or Records: what is your favorite medium
for prerecorded music?

MP3s. Easier is better.

4: You are handed one first class trip plane ticket to anywhere in the world and ten million dollars cash. All of this is yours provided that you leave and not tell anyone where you are going … Ever. This includes family, friends, everyone. Would you take the money and ticket and run?

no. Now if I could take Yaakov... maybe.

5: Seriously, what do you consider the world’s most pressing issue now?

the fact that Israeli supermarkets seem to have run out of Ben & Jerry's Minter Wonderland

6: How would you rectify the world’s most pressing issue?

If I *knew* that, I wouldn't be sitting here without a spoon in my mouth, would I?

7: You are given the chance to go back and change one thing in your life; what would that be?

It's an interesting question. There are lots of things that I wouldn't advise someone else to do that I did, but changing things? It's complicated. What if I changed something and then I ended up someplace else, not with Yaakov?? Forget it, nothing's up for changing. really. Although if I were advising someone younger and not me, I would advise her to go to Sherut Leumi before university. I suspect it would have made my path a lot easier, if not better.

8: You are given the chance to go back and change one event in world history, what would that be?

I guess I gotta go with what everyone else says and prevent the holocaust.
Of course, that still wouldn't solve the mint chocolate chip ice cream problem...

9: A night at the opera, or a night at the Grand Ole’ Opry –Which do you choose?

Not so much for opera, not so much for country, I think I'd just stay home.

10: What is the one great unsolved crime of all time you’d like to solve?

Who framed Roger Rabbit?!
oh, wait, that was solved...
I guess um... I donno. who killed JFK? what the whole Rabin story is? Who killed Jean-Binet Ramsey? Um... who stole the cookie from the cookie jar...? I donno.

11: One famous author can come to dinner with you. Who would that be, and what would you serve for the meal?

Stephen King. I'd probably serve steak, cuz hey, it's yummy.

12: You discover that John Lennon was right, that there is no hell below us, and above us there is only sky -- what’s the first immoral thing you might do to celebrate this fact?

I'm a deeply moral person. So I'd be like... okay, let's bust loose and have some bacon...Or maybe I'd move in with Yaakov... Oh wait, we're moving in together in 29 days...why bother being immoral about it if you can be 'moral' about it and get a big party in the bargain?

I refuse to tag any more bloggers... I just... I can't. I won't! you can't make me!!!!


Gavriel said...

Do you quote the mystery of "who stole the cookie from the cookie jar" based on the kids' book, or was their a real crime? I just read that book last night. If you haven't read it, I can tell you who did it.

triLcat said...

Gavriel: there's a whole little chanty thing going on... so I was referencing that.