Monday, February 06, 2006

I'll have a cheese danish, please.

I usually completely ignore the news and current events, in the hopes that they'll ignore me too.

I tried to pretend that the big news this week involved Pittsburgh and some people throwing a ball around. I mean, two of my brothers were born in Pittsburgh, so... that's cool. Right?

But this burning down Danish embassies and such... yes the Muslims are revolting... I thought a lot about responding to offensive materials in a newspaper...

An interesting point to note is that if there had been no protests, then none of us would have seen the stupid cartoons, most of which were not particularly offensive, well-drawn, or entertaining.

Another interesting point to note... I've seen some rude, nasty, offensive stuff in newspapers. If I were subscribed to a newspaper that published something disturbing, I'd probably cancel my subscription. I'd probably also write a letter to the editor about it. I probably wouldn't call for people to burn down embassies. Right now, I'm feeling pretty backwards.

So why is the whole world now subject to some mess that should have ended with a couple angry letters and cancelled subscriptions?

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luckluster said...

Where can I see those caricatures? I tried looking them up and couldn't find anything..