Sunday, February 19, 2006

Chicken Soup.

Over Shabbat, I had about 5 bowls of chicken soup, which really made me feel much better. This one was a combined effort of both of my parents, and it came out wonderful.

I like chicken soup.

The wedding is 36 days away, so I'm getting more and more tense. Last night, Yaakov and I spent some time going over the guest list. We need to start addressing invitations about a week ago :). Fortunately, I called the printer and they're ready! :)

One of my neighbors sent me into a minor tizzy last night by coming over to let me know that my dud shemesh (solar water boiler) was leaking. After Yaakov and I went up on the roof, searched for the dud, located the puddle, etc, I ran my fingers EVERYWHERE on the whole apparatus, and discovered that there was no point of leakage... This means... that it was probably a rain puddle. I went into a semi-panic over a RAIN PUDDLE?! HARUMPH!

And... we're on to the next crisis.
I started feeling really awful today at work. I was dizzy and feeling kinda sad and just blah. So I went up on the roof and called a friend to talk. I thought maybe it was a variant on a panic attack or something like that, but after maybe 5 minutes, I felt totally fine.

then I walked back into the office and was assaulted by the smell of smoke. My eyes started watering. My heart started thumping, and guess what? all the good feeling of being up on the roof was instantly gone.

So... I start looking stuff up... and guess what? My boss's doggone smoking is giving me MIGRAINES!

And more than that, the other boss 1. doesn't seem to care 2. thinks that any time I say something hurts me, I'm making it up. 3. feels free to yell at me for eating chocolate, but doesn't see any reason to be concerned about my health when my air is poisoned.

I wish I were quitting sooner.
At least that's the most logical explanation I can find.


Gavriel said...

It'll be all right. I know it feels like chaos all around at this point, but there is a clear path through, and on the other side, you're married and get to start a whole new batch of chaos. I think that's the bright side but I'm not sure.

Thanks for putting a link to me on Dr. Savta's site. I'm hoping that is good natured banter between friends, because it's perfectly all right with me to be copied, especially if it leads to cute chicken stories.

Hang in there.

yitz.. said...

mazal tov :) (i only just noticed your comment and website plug on my blog)

anyways, i'm quite happy for you :) b'hatzlaha
(and as i'm planning for my wedding in april, i can sympathise.. it's crazy)

triLcat said...

Gavriel: thanks...the chaos is good. the smoke is bad ;)

and DrSavta says she didn't copy you, it's just great minds thinking alike.

And Yitz: thank you for your good wishes. I hope you'll be as happy as I am, and a bit less stressed :)