Monday, February 20, 2006

Friends and Strangers

So over on Scott’s blog, he had good news. His daughters are home. And on AbbaGav’s blog, there’s a whole carnival, albeit a Hamas carnival… DrSavta is celebrating the medium-sized twins’ birthdays, and me? I have loads of reasons to be happy and I’m blogging about my galdarned smoking boss.

What does this tell us? That oxygen is really important…

I really enjoy breathing. I mean really. It’s fun. If you have doubts, stop for a bit. Just 20 seconds. When you try it again, you’ll realize how much you missed it.

So I’m going to try to cheer up, write something positive…

Last night, I saw something really cute on tv. There’s this show call Kzarim. That means “shorts” and it’s a series of small short skits.

So the skit I saw last night, there was a guy at the airport with flowers and balloons, waiting to pick someone up, and the person never showed up. He keeps looking at all these happy reunited families, and then he sees a lonely guy getting off the plane. He approaches the guy and says “I noticed that no one came to meet you, and the person I came to meet… so would you?”

The other guy nods, the two exchange names, and then the “arriving” guy goes away for a moment… then he comes back.


“Shlomi! How was your trip?” and they hug. Shlomi takes the balloons, says

“You shouldn’t have” Monny asks what Shlomi brought him…Shlomi says “I’ll show you in the car” and they walk out of the airport together

What made this scene specifically interesting to me is that the day after Yaakov and I got engaged, my friend Naomi took me out to dinner in celebration. She picked me up at the train station. I waited outside the train station for a while, and a car pulled up directly next to me. I felt this wild kind of desire to get in the car, give the lady a kiss on the cheek, and say “thanks for picking me up.”*

Because, after all, aren’t we all just friends waiting to meet?


*Disclaimer: If you do this, you may find yourself on an extended vacation in a padded room.

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