Friday, February 25, 2011

Ten Interesting Things I've Done (That I'm Willing to Admit to)

In the interest of writing something that isn't a list of foods... Here's a list of interesting things I've done.

  1. Was a magician's assistant. I helped K-Mar, the Discount Magician (of Letterman fame) set up before and clean up after his act one evening at a resort hotel in the Catskills
  2. Got my picture in the paper for being one of the top 4 readers in a kids' summer reading contest.
  3. Worked in a falafel/shwarma stand cutting vegetables. I did it for a week on a volunteer basis and for a long time afterward, whenever I'd finish classes for the day, I'd come to the place and do their dishes and get a free shawarma.
  4. Ran a 'recording studio' which did all of the recording for an animation that was over 10 minutes long and had at least six actors. I did this as part of an otherwise terribly boring job. All recordings were done on my work computer, which had a special sound card and microphone.
  5. Jumped out of a plane. Well, that anyone can pay to do, but it was incredible.
  6. Am featured in an English textbook (pictures and recorded interview) for jumping out of a plane.
  7. Participated in a blind taste test of chocolate (isn't that everyone's dream?!)
  8. Have been far enough north in summer that it never got dark. (Finland)
  9. Have ridden a horse bareback (as a kid. I had friends who had a horse. They took us to the stables late one evening and there was no one there, so the saddle was locked up. We rode anyway, though it was really slow and for a short time.)
  10. Appeared on stage (and talked) for audiences of several hundred people (as the juggler's assistant). 

I'm not tagging anyone specifically, but it would be cool if other people would do this too.


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me said...

which textbook?

Leah Goodman said...

I think it was New Trends... can't swear to it. I have it somewhere...