Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 2: Tuesday, I Like Lentil Soup!

I woke up late and immediately left the house, so I missed breakfast (except for coffee). I didn't get in any exercise today, and I'm immensely irritated to find out that Kinneret needs to get glasses. She apparently has astigmatism in her left eye, to a fairly serious degree. This means the glasses will be very expensive, and since she's 3, there will be many many pairs of these... yuck!

Onto the food portion of our program:

breakfast: coffee w/ milk and nutrasweet
lunch: cottage cheese/gil/banana/strawberry
dinner: lentil soup, recipe courtesy of K.B. (thanks!), with beef. - 3-4 bowls.
extra: atomic fireball
water: at least 1.5 liters

Again, I made a healthy supper but ate too much of it... I probably need to eat something in the late afternoon - around 3:30 or 4 to keep me from getting ravenous at supper time.

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Bethami said...

wow, good luck with the glasses! at least now both your kids can have them without being jealous! i remember that when i was little i always wanted glasses and braces. i thought they made you look so cool. yeah, it was a while til i learned ;).
do you get any discounts from maccabi? the maccabi eye dr in the mall has a decent selection.
good luck!