Monday, February 07, 2011

Who Read Yesterday's Post to My Kids?

This morning was the exact opposite of yesterday. Ephraim went to the bathroom by himself, without being told. Kinneret needed only a gentle reminder. Nothing got on the floor. No nail polish, no cookies, nothing! Kinneret didn't ask for a bottle, which is a real achievement, since we threw out the bottles last week. Kinneret ate a carrot for pre-breakfast. Nobody asked for lollipops or gum. Ephraim didn't complain when I put his lens in. The kids got dressed with only the mildest of protests, and I didn't let it faze me.

Kinneret even gave me extra hugs and kisses when I dropped her off at gan. If every morning were like today, I think I'd be the happiest mom in the world.

Add into the mix that Yaakov's plane is due to land in two minutes, I have a new project to work on, and I spent the morning with a friend, and today is a pretty excellent day!

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mother in israel said...

That's parenting for you! You never know what to expect. Enjoy your day and may the good parts repeat tomorrow.