Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seder Decadence

So Yaakov has been talking about his grandmother's charoset for years. Every Pesach, he talks about the vats of charoset and how he spreads it on matza and he's kind of wistful about it.
This year, his cousin was here and they were discussing it. It turns out that his cousin has taken over the yearly charoset-making. She called her mother to get the recipe, and we made a quick batch of the special grandmother's extra-alcoholic charoset. In addition, my oldest brother brought us (virgin) charoset with pears and raisins. Both were deadly delicious, and I ate a lot of both on matzah. I feel like I've really fallen off the wagon. I need to reclaim control...so, starting now... I'm back on the plan.

Here's the food..

Breakfast: cottage cheese and strawberries
Lunch: handful of potato chips, carrot
Dinner: piece of celery, piece of lettuce, 2-3 pieces of matzah, charoset, egg in salt water, gefilte fish w/ chrain, chicken soup w 2 matzah balls, 1 piece of potato kugel, corned beef, 4 glasses of grape juice

Breakfast: an ice pop
Lunch: 3 pieces of matza with charoset, 2 bowls of chicken soup (w 1 matza ball and a small amount of "soup nuts") 1 chicken breast, 1 small piece of cake, salad

Dinner: 2-3 pieces of matza, 1 chicken breast, salad, lots of corned beef