Wednesday, March 02, 2011

And Wednesday...

Today, with Rachel's help, I bought a digital scale (it was on super-sale only if you have a certain credit card, which she has and I don't). It confirms that I've lost about 2 kilos.

Today, I got some exercise. I did the full kid pickup on my own, which is 7 flights up, add Ephraim to my backpack, then go up another 3 flights of stairs with him on my back, then walk back home with him still on my back.

Tomorrow is tai chi.

Food was decent today. I went out for breakfast, which threw things off a bit, but not terribly.

Breakfast: muesli/yogurt/fruit/honey - about 400 calories, I think. Cappuccino w/ sugar.
Snack: Fireball
Lunch: 2 eggs, fried in olive oil with lots of onion and mushroom.
Dinner: 1.5 chicken breasts, string beans, 3/4 cup white rice w/ soy sauce
+1 more fireball

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