Sunday, March 27, 2011


I'm down another kilo, which makes 4. That means I'm 1/10th of the way there! What's even cooler is that one kilo from now, I'll be 1/8th of the way there, and come on, after that, it's easy peasy ;)

I'm now job hunting as I've decided that a salary would be a nice thing. If you hear of any jobs for mattress testers, sleep-lab training assistants... no wait... sorry, I'm looking for writing work, web oriented stuff. 

I did the long walk (about 4K) today, and it was really hard, but I didn't give up, so those calories are burned and muscles are exercised even if it was an uphill (literally and figuratively) battle.

And here's the food: today was a coffee day. and by whipped cream, I mean the fake stuff that's about 30 calories for the amount that goes on a cup of coffee.

breakfast: coffee w/ whipped cream, 3% cheese with fruit cocktail
lunch: coffee w/ whipped cream
snack: coffee w/ whipped cream, 1 egg, fried in olive oil. 1 bite of tomato
dinner: 1 chicken thigh & 1 chicken wing, broccoli, 
post-dinner: fireball


Bethami said...

leah you're doing GREAT! and you thought you'd never get to that 4th kilo. FOUR KILOS!

Gila Rose said...