Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, Shushan Purim

I'm feeling absolutely defeated at this point. I'm still down 3 kilo, but I was hoping for more and it's just not happening. Today was a better day than yesterday, but I feel blah about it.

breakfast: coffee, cucumber, 2 tiny cottage cheese w/ strawberry things.
lunch: celery, celery w/ peanut butter and raisins (1/2 stalk of celery),
snack: yogurt drink w/ acai berry...not noticing appetite suppression
more snack: american smarties/winkies/whatever they're called (sour compressed candies), 1/2 cookie,
Dinner: 2 bowls chulent/goulash soup.


Bethami said...

hey. feel better. i know what you mean.
sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is that ill feel worse about it if i don't.
also ben cleans up while i walk so if he starts clenaing up, i feel badly if i don't go out for a walk.
major reason why i decided to stop doing this to lose weight. i can't stand the pressure of the lbs. up and down. yes, it's a goal, but a larger goal is feeling better, accomplishing a physical task, getting stronger (preventing hernias...).
you'll get that from walking whether you lose weight or not.

Sara said...

Hang in there. The holidays are hard, diet-wise.