Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday, No Sushi

Tonight I went to the Jerusalem Twestival. It was a really nice event. I think I've discovered why I'm not into twitter. I have nothing interesting to say. Indeed, my life is so very boring that I blog what I eat. Oddly, people are willing to read this, but seriously, what's wrong with me that I feel the need to post every morsel that goes in my mouth? It's because, plain and simple, I have nothing interesting to say. I'm feeling a little depressed about this. I thought I was clever and interesting, but really... not so much.

The speakers at the Twestival were great, and it was fun to put some faces to the names I've known, especially Safra-knit. Overall it was a great evening.

 For those who are reading to find out what I ate... 

Breakfast: cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit cocktail, coffee
lunch: coffee w/ whipped cream, yogurt w granola
snack: handful of peppers at the Twestival
dinner: turkey pastrama sandwich on light bread, 1 cup of beans

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Jules: said...

actually it's quite interesting, to see what other people eat: another blogger did the same thing (her blog was self-limiting and only ran for 6 weeks, though) and also wrote about the role of food in society.

Maybe you could post pictures, though? Pictures always make posts interesting :-D