Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Still No Movement on the Scale

There's still no movement on the scale. I'm down 3 kilo, but it just won't go any farther.
Today, I was craving junk all day, especially sugar. I stayed in control though, on the sugar count, at least. I did an hour walk (around 4km), so despite going a little overboard at dinner, not a terrible day.

Breakfast: cheese (3%), gil, strawberries, banana, coffee w/ fake whipped cream
Lunch:  1/2 cup creamy broccoli soup w 1/4 cup added milk, a package of the tiny little sour pressed candies (winkies, smarties, fizzers, whatever you call 'em)
Snack: coffee
Dinner: ~2 cups pasta (I know, I know), lots of broccoli, lots of sauce with meat. 

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