Thursday, September 14, 2006

Better Days

Scott, you're right - it's about time I post something new!

So... last night, I had a birthday party for my mother at my house. After monumental efforts, I was able to get most of my siblings (one couldn't get a babysitter) and a few of my mom's friends to come to my house. I then fed them all kinds of unhealthy and delicious food (lasagne, fresh bread with cream cheese and lox, borekas) and healthy food (cut vegetables). My sister baked a yummy cake. She claims that it was nothing, because pillsbury always comes out good, but she made the frosting herself and it was great, and she decorated the cake and it was SOOOO pretty. Besides, I know plenty of people who can mess up cake from a mix too. (hey, I burned frozen borekas)

The cool thing is that it's the first time since she got married that my mother has had a surprise party. It's also nice, because I had the pleasure(?) of hosting. It is nice to be an adult who can host parties. I did have to work very hard to clean up the house, but in the end, it was really clean, and it was nice, and everyone thought I did a good job.

The other cool thing is that now, for the first time, my house is clean. I mean, not perfect, but clean enough that I could have a tupperware party or a chug or any of the other dozens of things that I'd like to do here.

Now we just have to KEEP it nice.

I bought a little unit with drawers for my desk - since my desk is really a dining table, I couldn't get a regular drawer unit, but I have a small set of drawers on my desk now, so I can hide all my papers out of site. I only have one piece of paper with important information and phone numbers out. My pens and stuff are all out of site, and there's really space for everything. I even put the webcam in a better place so that I can use it more easily.

I should take pictures, but I'm really tuckered out. I'm just exhausted - I worked soooo hard since Monday getting ready for this party, and I'm not finished with the cleanup, even though we used very few dishes (and they are dairy so they can go into the dishwasher) and mainly used disposables.

I seem to use up so much energy doing even the smallest things. I went to an endocrinologist about that and some other stuff, so I'm going to have a whole bunch of tests on Monday, and who knows, maybe there will be progress. I've been reading up on something called "insulin tolerance" and if I have that, it would account for several different problems I've been having, and maybe help me lose weight too, which would be nice.

My weight is such a struggle. I mean, most people say that, and I believe them, but really - on herbalife, you're supposed to lose a kilogram a week, and me? In three months, I've lost 4, of which I gained 1.5 back. It's not like I'm not serious about it either. I am. I might not be perfect on the plan, but back when I was in high school, I did a similar diet, with an equal degree of resolve, and lost about 12 kilograms in 4 months (not a very fast pace either, but much better than what I've been doing lately) I was doing less exercise then than I do now, too, so it's not that either. It's just that something's wrong with my metabolism.

Anyway, my weight is a boring subject... so I'll move on. Rosh Hashana is coming, and hopefully we'll get the first rain soon. Every year, when the first raid starts, I go outside and dance in it. It's silly, but I just love the rain. I love it when the air is clean, and the heat stops being so oppressive. I love rain and cold. I miss my sweaters and velvet skirts. I miss my jeans more, but that's another story...

My parents brought me pomegranites from their tree yesterday for the holiday! Today, Yaakov sent me information about buying a Sukkah. We need to measure our outdoor space and check what size will be good for us, and then we'll have a Sukkah. Pretty exciting - this will be my very first - I mean, one that's mine and not just my parents'.

I think that's just about all the news from here, except that I sort of have a job, working from home. It's an editing job, but it's my excuse for not writing as much here... :)

Anyway, wishing you and yours a Shana Tova Umetuka - A good and sweet New Year.

t.c. Goodman